• Bugfixes only, no new features


  • Allow online change of al-stripes and al-stripe-size
  • Support for discard (ATA: trim, SCSI: unmap).


Drbd-9.0 is already available as prerelease, but not yet stable. Therefore drbd-9.0's features are still listed here on the ROADMAP.


  • More than two nodes in one level (i.e. without device stacking)
  • Automatic promote
  • Striped activity log and non blocking AL updates


  • Redundant connections between two nodes
  • Support for request-relaying (remove the requirement for a full mesh)
  • Support clusters where a partition has access to a shared disk
  • Support for more than two primary nodes
  • UDP multicast transport (instead of TCP connection mesh)
  • Create new bitmap-slots online (online grow of backing storage is a pre condition)

Ideas, not yet planed for a specific release

  • Never report false-positives with the data-integrity-alg checks.
  • Use the crypto API in a way that we can utilize multiple CPU cores to do checksums
  • Support DIF and DIX.
  • Optionally deal with read errors in a way that the BBR (bad block relocation) of a drive can kick in
  • move the cpu-mask from the syncer section to the host section, since it might be necessary to have that different on the systems.
  • Offer an improved resync mode, that deals gracefully with thin provisioned storage. Currently a checksum based resync already has this property. The improvement will be a special mode, that just does not rewrite blocks containing only zeros.

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