The users' mailing list

The users' mailing list is the central place for questions, feature requests, success stories and anything regarding DRBD®. In June 2008 this list had over 1000 subscribers, and 5 to 20 mails a day on average. The list is not moderated, but only open to mails from subscription members, to keep the spam out.

Usually questions on the list are answered by other users. When you post on the mailing list, please be polite and use common sense. If this is your first post to a public mailing list have a look at common mailing list posting rules like → netiquette. From time to time one of LINBIT's consultants addresses unanswered and interesting questions or current discussion threads that run in the wrong direction.


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The announcement mailing list

We use the DRBD announcement mailing list to notify you of new releases and to upgrade recommendations.

On average there is one mail a month.


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The developers' mailing list

The developers' mailing list is the place for contributors to discuss their ideas with the development team at LINBIT.


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The DRBD Management Console's list

On that list the usage and the development of the management console are discussed.


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