About IRC

IRC is one of the oldest protocols available on the internet for instant messaging. Yet, it is widespread when it comes to software development and community support. If you do not know about IRC, please refer to → http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRC for further information; the article on IRC in Wikipedia even includes a list of clients for numerous operating systems - including web-based services which get you booted straight away.



Certainly the most direct way to get in touch with people about DRBD® is the DRBD® IRC channel. You can find it on → irc.freenode.net and its name is #drbd. Over there, users, administrators and sometimes even developers discuss about DRBD® and related things.


Linux-HA on IRC

Just as a little sidenote: DRBD® is not the only project present in IRC. Even Heartbeat, Pacemaker and other components included in the Linux cluster stack are standard topics. #linux-ha and #linux-cluster are good places to ask to get an initial impression over what might be wrong if you have a problem with one of the various Linux cluster stack components.



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