Binary packages provided by LINBIT®

LINBIT® provides binary packages for Linux server distributions to its customers. → Support subscriptions from LINBIT include access to package repositories that offer all drbd and pacemaker packages for your server distribution.

Binary packages provided by Distributors


DRBD 8 packages for 3.1 ("sarge") and 4.0 ("etch") are available from the Debian Backports package repository. Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 uses DRBD 8.0 in the → lenny repository and DRBD 8.3 in → lenny-backports repository. Debian 6 ("squeeze") comes with DRBD 8.3. More information about the package can be found on the → Debian drbd8 package tracking system page.


Ubuntu 8.04 LTS ("hardy") has drbd-8.0.11 included. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ("lucid") has drbd-8.3.7 included. See → Ubuntu launchpad drbd8 for current versions.

Novell Suse

In Novell's SLES10 the outdated DRBD-0.7 is included, SLES11 includes DRBD-8.3.x. Through the → search page on one can find various packages of DRBD for Suse and some other distributions.


RedHat does not provide DRBD® packages for RHEL although such are available in the → CentOS extras repository. Since CentOS is a binary compatible clone of RedHat, you can use the CentOS packages on RedHat as well.

Source code

Starting with Linux 2.6.33, DRBD is officially integrated into the vanilla Linux kernel source.  Besides the kernel integration, DRBD continues to be available as out-of-tree module to facilitate driver updates.  If you want the latest DRBD sources, the .tgz files are available on the → site.

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